The music of ALONSO is a drama of intricately crafted songs with trip hop, dub and deep house combined with Chapman Stick, digitally altered classical guitars, reimagined analog synths and intimately lyrical vocals.

Building on the success of the self-titled debut album from 2017, ALONSO's second album “Ş” (shh) was written over the course of 2018 in Bodrum, Turkey. Having completed a successful national tour of Canada in the spring of 2017, which culminated in a headline performance at the World Beat music festival in Vancouver, British Columbia. The song “I Believe in the Same Things” charted well on several commercial radio stations across Canada.

Further promotion generated over 1 million views of ALONSO videos on social media platforms from various international regions; The Philippines, Turkey, Greece and the UK.

The momentum of this brought about an opportunity to relocate from Toronto, Canada to Bodrum, Turkey to artistically immersive in an inspiring, cultural environment while providing the necessary circumstances to focus directly on composing new music. Having collaborated with the contemporary artist Samantha Louise Emery as a key member of the touring band, the now romantically united team focused their partnership on a holistic creative vision. Over the course of 9 months, while the new album was being composed, Samantha simultaneously created a new series of contemporary art that was connected to the musical themes being composed by ALONSO. A musical and visual exploration of ancient feminine strength within the nuanced balance between man and woman. Inspired by the mix of Ancient Greek and Anatolian customs, juxtaposed to the grinding Turkish EDM pouring out of the seemingly infinite clubs of this Aegean landscape.

During the writing process the decision was made to record the album at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in Wiltshire, UK over the summer of 2018. The 10 songs on “Ş” were recorded and mixed by Real World’s head engineer, Oli Jacobs. The album art is inspired directly from the completed series IKONA by Samantha which was also completed at Real World throughout the recording sessions. This interplay between visuals and music at a creative level inform each other in a result that is artistically rich and layered.

“Ş” will be released internationally on December 20th, 2018 through Lossam on all digital platforms worldwide. Lossam was founded in 2018 by Carlos Alonso and Samantha Louise Emery to produce, distribute, license and promote original music, art and multimedia content in various regions with the purpose of affecting positive change through awareness of social and environmental issues around the world.

But this story started long ago... as the founding member, principle songwriter and uniquely asserted Chapman Stickist of the iconic Toronto alternative band Glueleg; ALONSO recorded and released three albums for EMI Canada. Having sold upwards of 50,000 copies of these critically acclaimed albums and eight North American tours, a solid and positively consistent impression was left with audiences across North America. And then, over time, something special happened... as fans steeped in the music, a cult following was born. Years later, Glueleg albums can still be heard on commercial and college radio stations, streaming on the web, and in the homes of diehard fans of the band across Canada and the USA to this day. Further, the hit single "Heroic Doses" still receives regular international TV exposure as it was featured in an episode of the classic Canadian TV series "Due South" through syndication in Scandinavia, Western Europe, Central America and South East Asia.